Fully Integrative Health Care: Just Ask our Patients

We believe in Integrated Medicine, using whatever methods work best, Eastern and Western, and is least invasive and most appropriate for the patient, dealing with the underlying problem but also addressing the symptoms.  Our practice, The Wellness Center, and our therapeutic staff, lives up to this ideal by providing integrated healthcare including acupuncture,  oriental medicine, herbs, hypnotherapy and massage therapy in various modalities.

We’re perfectly happy to tell a patient when something is in our scope, out of our scope or to work with an MD when a concern requires it. But many patients would be surprised just how effective Oriental Medicine is and for just how many things.

“Many don’t even realize Oriental Medical Doctors are full primary care physicians with exhaustive medical training, internship and clinical practice.”

For many families, Oriental Medicine is no longer “Alternative” or “Complimentary” but their method of choice for primary healthcare. Whatever is most appropriate is what should be done. Whatever works and is least invasive does the least to the patient while doing the most good. If you break a leg, you should go have it set at the ER, but Oriental Medicine can keep the swelling down, relieve the pain and speed healing. Everything has its place. An OMD can handle most common and most uncommon healthcare issues and even some many patients would not expect we could. For many families I am their primary family physician. And we do a great job of it. Just ask our patients.

We are dedicated to not just health, not management of disease and not the curing of symptoms, but overall wellness, physical and mental, of each patient. We are a truly integrated medicine along with dedication to the wellbeing of our patients and their families.

Once a patient, always a patient.

Our office is calm and peaceful without the medical feel many come to expect from a doctor’s office.  You will never see an officious, dour bureaucratic receptionist either: at the front desk will be Adam, Lee or one of a member of the staff, smiling and happy you are there with them.

You will also not find we are a cure of the month club.  We practice Traditional Chinese Medicine and Bodywork based in five thousand years of theory and practice.

We have a well-stocked formulary in our office for any herbal preparations you may need.

We are happy to help. Please come to us before you get cut open, have that operation, lose that organ or take that drug with a list of side effects two pages long.

Feel free to call for a consult. We never ask a fee to sit for a bit and look at your health concern to see if we can help.  Consults are free of charge.

Let us be your first choice, not your last hope.